When is it time to replace my ducted gas heater ?

“When is it time to replace my ducted gas heater?” .. a question we get asked a lot.

People expect our heaters to last forever, but in reality they will not. Most ducted gas heaters need to be replaced due to issues with cracked heat exchangers causing health risks due to Carbon Monoxide poisoning or parts, which are not economically viable to replace.
Here are a few a few things which you should be considering if you are thinking it’s time to replace my ducted gas heater:

Is your ducted heater older than 15 years ?

This might be a huge factor, if your ducted heater has not been well maintained.
Old heaters usually have a lower efficiency rating also known as a “Star Rating” , which means they’re not as efficient as newer models.
They might not have features like DIGITAL CONTROLLERS, ZONING and FAN SPEED CONTROL like new models have which you would like.

Are repair costs becoming too expensive ?

Most mechanical equipment requires some service from time to time. But if it seems like the technician is visiting every other day to fix the heater, then the cost of a new unit may outweigh the inconveniences and mounting costs.

Your energy bills are higher than usual for no apparent reason.

Wear and tear over the years can result in your ducted heater using much more gas and electricity to do the same job, which you will notice in your utility bills. If your costs are going up even though you’re not using the heater any more than normal, it may be time for a new unit.

If you’re still not sure if It’s time to replace your ducted gas heater then a some professional advice may help you .

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We will happily discuss your options with you and either repair your existing ducted heater or install a new one to better suit your needs.

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