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Carbon monoxide … The Silent Killer

Every year in Australia, people die from carbon monoxide poisoning and many others show evidence of high exposure.

The danger is greatest in the winter months, because your heating equipment can emit the odourless, colourless and tasteless gas, causing you to fall ill before you realize that something has gone wrong.

Infants, the elderly and people with chronic illness are especially susceptible.

How can you avoid being a victim of this silent killer?

Follow these tips to keep your home safe for you and your family.

Use Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

They’re inexpensive, easy to install and they can save your life. Put one on each level of your home, just like you do for smoke detectors. Unlike smoke detectors, however, carbon monoxide detectors should be placed low. The gas is heavier than air, so a detector that plugs into the wall is one option. If you choose this type, make sure they have a battery backup so they will still function when the power goes out. Check the batteries twice a year.

Get Your Heater Serviced:

You should have an expert give your heating system a check-up every 24 months, paying particular attention to the condition of the heat exchanger and the flue.

Call a qualified technician and seek emergency medical assistance if anyone in the house experiences headaches, dizziness or nausea. These may be the first signs of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. The carbon monoxide binds to your blood and prevents oxygen from circulating through your body, so it’s essential to receive medical treatment if you have been exposed


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