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Fixed Service Rates

$ 243
  • Clean and check for algae, sediment build-up and fungus
  • Clean and check the quality of the filter pads
  • Clean and adjust the drainage system
  • Check operation of the water pump
  • Clean and flush the water distribution system
  • Check, adjust and lubricate the fan motor and components
  • Check and adjust motor current
  • Check water supply system including solenoid and float valves
  • Check all electrical and water connections
  • Disinfect water system
  • Check system overall operation and performance
* We only service evaporative coolers during the months of October → April ( Spring / Summer Seasons
$ 243
  • Check operation of fan and air distribution system
  • Check & tighten electrical connections
  • Clean return air filters
  • Check refrigerant gas pressures
  • Check condensate drainage system
  • Check thermostat and control circuit
  • Operate system and check heat/cool output
  • Check outdoor unit for stability or damage
  • * Any additional air conditioning unit add $66.00 per unit
*rates are subject to change
$ 243
  • Check operation of ignition system
  • Check operation of safety circuits
  • Clean burners and chambers
  • Check and adjust gas pressures
  • Check flue system and condensate drain
  • Carry out Carbon monoxide test
  • Check for gas leaks
  • Check thermostat and control circuit
  • Check fan operation
  • Clean return air filter
  • Operate system and check heating output
  • Check air flow from supply and return air ducts
*rates are subject to change
  • Service Call - Inc.first 30 mins labour - $199.00
  • Additional Labour - per 30min - $44.00
*rates are subject to change

The costs above are for servicing of functional equipment only and do not take into consideration parts which are generally required in repairing non functional equipment.

All non functional equipment must first be diagnosed on site by our technicians prior to providing an accurate cost to repair.