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HELP!! There is water leaking down the wall from my split system air conditioner

In a perfectly working air conditioner the humidity in your house condenses on the cool surfaces on the indoor coil and runs to waste via the drain tube.

But in your situation something’s gone horribly wrong….

Number 1 ..

Check your return air filters which are  located in the front of the unit on the wall inside. Most systems require you to lift open a hinged flap to expose the filters.

Slide them out and clean them.

If filters are extremely dirty they may even require washing in warm soapy water.
(If you cannot find the filters check you user manuals or search online at the air conditioner manufactures web site ).

Make sure from now on the filters are cleaned regularly as its not uncommon for us to be called out to clients homes where water leaking from air conditioners has ruined ceilings, walls, and thousands of dollars’ worth of electrical items!

Typically, once you start to regularly maintain the filters you will notice the leakage stops and you may even experience a gain in cooling performance from the air conditioner due to the increased air flow now the filters are working as intended.

The water is still dripping, what now ?

There are many different reasons you might still be experiencing  trouble with your air conditioners condensate drainage system. The drainpipe could clog with debris, causing water to backup and overflow down the wall. It’s also possible that the drain was not  installed properly, or that it has cracked.  Even a low refrigerant level may be the cause…

You have done your bit now it is time to get us involved…

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