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Reducing Air Conditioning running costs

It is hot outside and you know the air conditioners are going to cost you on that next bill, but what else can you do?
There are many options available to you when it comes to cutting your energy bills. In fact, you may just save money by taking the time now to get the most out of your energy dollar by using effective equipment as well as common sense. Air Conditioners are quite necessary in some areas but they can be affordable if you take the time to save some money down the line.Here is what you need to do first. Take the time to find out how efficient your air conditioner is. Have a professional from Dynamic Services come out and check them for leaks, energy use, age and ability to cool the area required. An undersized or inefficient system will run continually trying to achieve the desired temperature. This excessive running really costs you big dollars on your power bills.

Investing money in a good quality air conditioner now will help to save you thousands of dollars over the next few years. Look at energy star rating and high efficiency “inverter” type compressors. Well worth the cost.
Next, take the time to find ways to lessen the bill that the air conditioner uses by lowering your need for the air conditioner to run. For example, in the cooling cycle every degree that you increase your air conditioner thermostat settings will help you to save money. Find the highest setting that you are comfortable with. We suggest 21°C – 23 °C.
Make sure to insure that your windows & doors have a tight fit and remain closed. Keep doors and windows tightly closed and avoid in and out traffic that is constant.

These are only a few ways to save money on your air conditioners. You know you are going to have to use the air conditioning once the heat hits, but keeping them at a higher temperature , professionally serviced and allowing them to work only when needed can help you to save money.

Oh, and remember to adjust your air conditioners settings for night time hours when the temperatures outside fall.

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