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How Much Does It Cost To Service My Ducted Gas Heater ?

By keeping your Gas Ducted Heater regularly serviced and well maintained, you’ll be able to have the relablity of staying warm and cosy throughout the cold Melbourne winters.

But that’s not the only reason why you should get your Gas Ducted Heater Servced.

Safety and efficiency by reducing energy costs, as well as extending your heating system’s operational life are also factors.

Another serious issue caused by poorly maintained Gas Ducted Heaters is the lethal possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. When Carbon Monoxide exposure occurs, this odourless and colourless gas may cause difficulty in breathing, nausea, headaches, fainting spells, vomiting and death. 

With regular servicing by Dynamic Heating and Coolings Licensed and Experienced Technicians, you can be free of all worries and mitigate the risks of scenarios mentioned above.

Gas Ducted Heaters should have regularly scheduled serviced at intervals no more than 2 years apart.

Getting your Gas Ducted Heater Serviced will Cost $243* which equated to less than 5 Cents a day over 24 months.

During your Gas Ducted Heater Service we will :

  1. Check operation of ignition system
  2. Check operation of safety circuits
  3. Clean burners and chambers
  4. Check and adjust gas pressures
  5. Check flue system and condensate drain
  6. Carry out Carbon monoxide test
  7. Check for gas leaks
  8. Check thermostat and control circuit
  9. Check fan operation
  10. Clean return air filter
  11. Operate the system and check heating output
  12. Check airflow from supply and return air ducts

A no-obligation quotation will be provided on completion of service if additional repairs are required


*Accurate at time of publishing

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