Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling?

The summer season is nearly upon us again. That means that the air conditioning will soon become your new favourite appliance. 

However, after hibernating for the cold winter months, your air conditioner may require some attention to prepare it for the summer heat. 

Below we have listed our top fixes that you could need before using your air cooling system this summer.

Sometimes, there’s an apparent reason for the problem, which will make the repairs more affordable if diagnosed quickly by an air conditioning expert. People should consider scheduled routine servicing of their air conditioners every year by a qualified air conditioning mechanic. Regular air conditioning servicing will prevent most of the problems listed below.

Air conditioners are similar to most types of mechanical technology. They require maintenance regularly to avoid expensive repairs and help prolong the life of the components. Regular maintenance programs will help prevent costly repairs in the future, particularly in the scorching Melbourne summer. 

Servicing Air Conditioning also helps to improve efficiency, meaning that the cooling unit consumes less energy and saves you money immediately.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerated air conditioners require chemical substances known as refrigerants to operate. As the air conditioner gets older, it may leak refrigerant through connections and cracks in components. If your air conditioner has an inadequate refrigerant level, it will not cool effectively. The refrigerant gas is a controlled chemical substance and must be refilled by an ARC-licensed accredited person

Repairs of air conditioners that lose refrigerant require sealing the leak and may require pressure testing the system to isolate the source of the issue. Sometimes cracks in copper pipes may need to be brazed with silver solder to seal the cracks. Once-a-year maintenance for your air conditioning will allow your technician to look for problems such as refrigerant leaks and prevent these before they turn into serious issues.

Keeping Condensate Lines Clean

Condensate lines that have become blocked are an issue. They can cause the water to back up inside your home due to debris and dust accumulation within the air conditioning water drainage system. Clean condensate lines are essential to prevent water damage to your walls. Mould in blocked drains also generates nasty odours that will emanate throughout your home. Cleaning your air conditioner condensate lines regularly by an A/C expert could assist in avoiding harmful bacteria building up in your air conditioner!

Dirty Filters

Another common problem is blocked or dirty return air filters. Filters should be cleaned every three months and replaced if showing any signs of damage. A blocked return air filter could damage the air conditioning fan motor and generate a louder than usual, annoying sound when operating.

Replacing Major Components

This is certainly not something you’d like to be dealing with during the oppressive Melbourne temperatures of summer. Finding the correct part to repair your air conditioner can sometimes take time to source, so servicing your air conditioner before the hottest day is advisable. Regular inspections by a trained HVAC technician on your air conditioner will save you lots of money and stress that you do not want to deal with in the heat of summer!

What does regular maintenance of your air conditioner do?

At Dynamic Heating and Cooling, we offer two types of air conditioning services.

Premium and Standard Air Conditioning Service. << CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON THE SERVICES WE OFFER >>

Our primary service is our “Standard Air Conditioning Service”, but if it’s been over two years since you have had your Air Conditioner Serviced, then our Premium Service may be required. Our Premium A/C Service involves high-pressure cleaning and sanitizing the air conditioner to remove pollutants and prevent bacteria from building up. This is a very involved service and should only be carried out by an Air Conditioning Expert.

The accumulation of dust and other debris will also block the outdoor unit, making the air conditioner run harder. Not only will your electricity bill rise, but the air conditioner may also require premature repairs or replacement due to it being overworked.

All members of the household feel the effects of poor maintenance. Older family members, young children, or those who suffer from allergies will most be affected by poorly maintained or malfunctioning air conditioning units.

A dirty air conditioner can transform good quality warm air into contaminated cold air if not maintained correctly.

 If you do not have a maintenance program in place for your air conditioner, contact Dynamic Heating and Cooling, who will assist you with all of your repair and maintenance of your air conditioner.

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