Should You Keep Your “Retro” Air Conditioning Systems

Retro is in…

Old-school record players, furniture, cars and other reminders of yesterday are as popular as ever, blending style and functionality in a way that appeals to retro-savvy consumers.

An exception to this is your air conditioning system.

Older air conditioning systems can cost you a fortune to operate, consuming  enormous amounts of electricity in comparison to modern efficient air conditioning  systems.

By properly maintaining an older  air conditioning system you may be able to save a few dollars on running costs or at least prevent expensive mechanical breakdowns but if the unit is more than 10 years old , serious consideration towards upgrading to a brand-new model should in the forefront of you mind.

Air conditioning running costs accounts for an average of 40 per cent of household energy use in Australia.

This  proportion varies, as the amount of time cooling is required varies according to local climate as well as other factors such as insulation levels and personal thermal comfort expectations.

Air conditioners in Australia are rated via a system known as Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) program, which measures their cooling output compared to the energy they consume.


The logo above indicates the equipment has been tested for its efficiency & rated accordingly

Greater the numbers of Stars it is awarded the more efficient the air conditioning system is.  Many of the new inverter type air conditioners are being awarded 6 and 7 stars rating while older  models chugged along only have one star ratings. The difference can mean savings of over $100 per year, depending on your house, the climate and the specific models in question.

Once you decide it’s time to upgrade from your inefficient  air conditioning system, check out the Australian Energy Star page for information on what model air conditioners  are most efficient.
Any new model you buy today will be vastly superior to what was on the market 20 years ago in both efficiency and performance.

For further information on which air conditioning system is achieving the best efficiency ratings  CLICK HERE

The  new technologies around today in air conditioning is not only resulting is more efficient air conditioning systems but systems that are much quieter when operational.

We install and recommend Japanese brands like Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Fujitsu split system air conditioners, which in our experience offer great products at a reasonable price.

You aren’t living in the 1990s anymore, so there’s no reason to be using an air conditioner from that era or earlier.

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