How does Evaporative Cooling work?

Evaporative Cooling comprises a central cooling unit connected to a series of outlets throughout your home. The cooling unit draws fresh air through moistened pads. As it passes through these pads the air is cooled and filtered before flowing through the ductwork and into your rooms – just like a cool, refreshing sea breeze. Compared to refrigerated air conditioning, the result is cheaper, fresher and completely natural air. Best of all, it keeps your home naturally cool even with your doors and windows open, which is great for enjoying the summer in alfresco style.

Evaporative cooling does have its limitations. On days of high humidity an evaporative cooler performance will be reduced dramatically.

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The warm moist conditions created within an evaporative cooler create a perfect environment for bacteria and mould to bloom if not treated. Annual service in a must to keep your evaporative cooler working efficiently & keep the water hygienic.

At Dynamic Heating and Cooling we treat all our evaporative coolers with additives to help keep the water circuit  clean & service the mechanical components so they are operating to the best of its capabilities.

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