How can I tell if my ducted heater is safe to use ?

Properly-sized, well-maintained gas ducted heaters are some one of the most efficient ways of heating your home. But how can you tell if your gas heating system is safe? Luckily, today’s ducted heaters are safer than they’ve ever been before, with safety switches and extra precautions to prevent problems with carbon monoxide emissions or overheating.

Be aware, there is always a small chance of danger, especially if your heating system does not get the attention it requires.

Only Allow Professionals to Service your ducted heaters

Whether  you are getting a new heater installed or if you need a scheduled service, only involve a professional technician to do the work. That means someone who is trained and experienced to specifically work on gas heating systems—not a local handyman or jack-of-all-trades. Surprisingly enough most electricians do not hold the relevant qualifications to work on gas ducted heaters. Trained, Licenced and experienced technicians with a special accreditation to service and repair Type-A  heating equipment are the only ones who you should be involving in getting your ducted gas heating system serviced and repaired.

All registered and licensed technicians  are issued with a Photo ID card similar to the one below.
It  lists the type of work they are eligible to do.
All practitioners should carry this ID and you can request to see it at any time.

You can also check if a plumber is licensed or registered online, using the VBA directory –
Find a Practitioner.


Call in a Technician for Servicing and Maintenance

When you are looking at your ducted gas heater , you probably won’t be able to spot a potential safety threat unless you have the proper training. Regular routine maintenance visits should include a visual inspection, tune-up and a carbon monoxide emission test as standard to help ensure your heater is safe.
We recommend your heater should be inspected every 24 months to ensure safe operation and maintain warranty for newly installed systems.

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Test for Carbon Monoxide Emissions

Carbon monoxide is an odourless, dangerous, deadly gas, known as the “Silent Killer ” and unfortunately, you are unlikely to tell if it’s leaking from your heater unless you have specialist detection equipment similar to that in the photo below.

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