Why Should I get my Air Conditioner Serviced for Summer ?

Is your air conditioning system going to effectively cool you this Summer ?

Even if everything seems to be operating  well last time you used you air conditioning, it’s a good idea to have your cooling system serviced and tuned up at least once per year.

For residential air conditioning systems an annual service is usually all that is required to keep the system well maintained. In a commercial or office we would suggest preventative maintenance scheduled every 3 months due to the extended operating periods these kind of system endure.

A service can save you money in both the short and long-term:

  • Increased energy efficiency through thorough cleaning of condenser coils, return air filters and fans
  • Avoiding emergency repairs by proactively replacing worn parts
  • Improved safety by replacing loose or worn wiring, contacts or capacitors that could potentially start a fire
  • Extending the lifespan of the unit by fixing small problems before they can turn into large ones

An Air conditioning service includes a thorough cleaning and inspection of all parts, a refrigerant gas level check, thermostat adjustment, lubrication of moving parts and inspection of motors, fans, belts and other components. At the end of your service, you will receive a fully detailed report that includes any recommended maintenance or repairs, and a fixed price to carry out any repairs if required.

Don’t Forget the Filters
You should already be in the habit of cleaning your return air filters at regular intervals, as often as once per month depending on the filter type and the environment. If you haven’t been maintaining your filters we  will be able to show you where they’re located and how you can clean and maintain them if the future.

If you haven’t scheduled your air conditioner tune-up
for this summer,
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