I cant stand this humidity !! Will running my air conditioner help ?

Yes .. Refrigerated Air Conditioners Do Help with the Humidity

We already use our air conditioner to cools down our homes on a hot day, but on a humid day the system can help reduce the %RH to a more comfortable level as well.

Just like the mirror in your bathroom condensing the hot moisture out of the steam from your hot shower, a similar process happens when you operate a refrigerated air conditioner in humid weather.
The cold evaporator coil is less than the temperature at which the humid air will condense back into water.
The A/C system collects water vapor from the air as warm, humid air blows over it then it drips down into the condensate pan and out your drain outlet to waste.

On days of high humidity you may notice increased water discharging from the drain at the back of the air conditioner. This is normal.
Make sure the drain is free from restriction as the water could build up if restricted and over flow the internal drain pan.

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